This action will almost certainly be the one you repeat the most when using CTAIMACAE. You will attach the requested documents for each worker, vehicle or piece of work equipment.


It is very easy to attach documentation in CTAIMACAE. It is done from the section My Documents in the Coordination menu. Remember that if nothing appears, you must read the information documents first.

You can upload the documentation from different screens, depending on whether you are attaching the documentation for the first time or if you are renewing expired documentation.


These are the two screens:


Company Documents: these are all of your company’s documents that your customer is requesting from you. They are documents that affect the entire company, and you will need to upload all that are considered critical.

Employee, vehicle or machinery documents: these are documents that affect each of the resources registered on the platform. Remember that the workers, vehicles and machinery must first be created.

IMPORTANT: Remember that if the requested documents for workers, vehicles and machinery do not appear, it is because they are not associated with any contract. Consult more information about why no documentation is requested for any worker in this articleWhy isn’t documentation requested for any worker?


Click on the folder to see the list of all the documentation you are being asked to provide:

You can upload the requested documentation using the cloud and arrow icon: 

From here, you will access the documentation upload screen, where you can enter the issue date and expiration (if applicable) and upload the document.

Bear in mind that on the left side of the screen will show your company information, the description of the document and the verification criteria applicable to the document in question.


Consult all the help articles in the knowledge base.