The worker you want to create might be inactive on the platform. To check it, go to the Coordination module on the My Resources –> Employees tab.

In the Advanced Search, filter your search under the All option.

When viewing the worker, you can change his or her status by selecting the pencil icon 

changing the Active NO status to Active YES status.

In addition, to view workers registered on the platform, they must be associated with the contract or with one or more established roles corresponding to their job position. You can complete these two steps on the My Resources -> Employees tab on the icon to establish the roles; the icon will then appear active in order to associate the contracts with the worker by ticking the box and clicking on OK.  

If the roles icon does not appear

and the activated icon appears directly, it is because this client does not need to associate roles with the workers. Therefore, once the worker has been reactivated, you simply need to associate him or her with the contract using the arrow icon.


Consult all the help articles in the knowledge base.