Information documents are those documents that the hiring company is required to provide to contractors and subcontractors who will access its facilities.

How to create an information document:

To create an information document, you must access the following section:

Configuration --> Document Definition --> Document Configuration

Once you have accessed this section, click on the icon: 

When completing the sections that are required to create the document, in Type, indicate Information. In the Classification section, you must bear in mind the folder in which you wish to include the document.

The platform requires these documents to be organized into folders. By default, the following folders have been created on the platform:


  1. Documents that must be returned completed, signed and stamped. This folder is used for all documents that we want the contractor or its workers to return completed and/or signed.
  2. Risk assessmentThis folder is used to provide the risk assessments to contractors and subcontractors.
  3. Health and safety rulesThis folder is used to provide safety rules at the facilities to contractors and subcontractors.
  4. Emergency plansThis folder contains the emergency and evacuation plans for the hiring company’s facilities.
  1. PoliciesThis folder contains the policies of the hiring company.
  1. ProceduresThis folder contains all the procedures that contractor and subcontractor must follow at the hiring company’s facilities.

The file does not need to be attached when creating the new information document. It will be attached later.

Once the new information document has been created, you must enter the next section to attach the file that will be made available to the contractors and subcontractors:

Configuration --> Document Definition --> Upload information documents


Here you should open the folder you indicated when creating the document in the Classification section.

Once the folder is open, you will see the new document you have created. Click on the icon   

to attach the document you wish to make available to the contractors and subcontractors.

The last step is to define the parameters for the new document that has been created. Please review the following article: How to define the parameters for a document.