If the freelance worker is the partner, manager or owner of the business, you must indicate this on the platform when creating the worker’s position.

To do this, enter the Coordination module under the My Resources -> Employees tab and click on the pencil icon that appears next to the name of the worker.

The file editing menu will open and display the worker’s data. For the Position option, indicate whether the worker is a partner, manager or owner.

Otherwise, the freelance worker must be created as an independent subcontractor.

and check that you have the organisational chart icon enabled in purple.

Once you access through this organisational chart, you will see a “+” icon in front of the contractor, where you can complete the requested data to create the subcontractor.


Otherwise, if the organisational chart appears disabled (in grey), you must ask your client to create the subcontracting that you need, contacting the contract manager assigned under the Client Information –> Contracts tab.

Click on the information button to access the contract manager data.

Consult all the help articles in the knowledge base.