Normally, when the express verification service is purchased, it is automatically active on the CTAIMACAE platform. However, you are asked to first check certain points:


  • The pack of 25 documents is associated with the Tax ID used to register the purchase, i.e., it cannot be used for a company with a different Tax ID or subcontractors. Only those documents are allowed that are associated with the Tax ID used to register the purchase.
  • Not all customers allow express verification. To find out whether your customer offers this service, you must enter the platform and notice whether there is a pink envelope right beside the document you need to upload.

 This will indicate that the express verification service can be purchased for this document in particular.

If you continue to have problems even after checking the points mentioned above, please notify us by telephone at (+34) 912 582 843 or by using the chat found on the web page.


You can purchase the express verification pack in our online store