The information documents are all the documents that your customer wants you to have, so you are informed about what goes on inside their facilities. In them, you can find informational texts and even forms that you will later need to complete in order to have all the information correctly uploaded to CTAIMACAE.


For this reason, the platform will not allow you to move on until you have downloaded and opened all the documents attached here.


You can access them from the Coordination module on the Client Information -> Information Documents tab.

Remember that to download them, you must click on the picture of the document in the File column.

Once you have downloaded and read the documents, you can mark them as read by clicking in the black box 

next to the document. You will have confirmed having read the document when a green check mark appears 

If you are entering the platform for the first time, now is when workers should be created. You can see how to do this in this articleHow to create workers in CTAIMACAE.



Consult all the help articles in the knowledge base.