In order to ensure your workers can access your client’s facilities, you must make sure that they have been created correctly on the platform.


The first step is to go to the Coordination module, in the section My resources -> Employees in CTAIMACAE. There you will find several ways to create workers.

Ways to create workers in CTAIMACAE



Workers can be created in different ways:


  1. Creating them individually on the platform
  2.  Importing them from other CTAIMA customers
  3. Mass uploads from an Excel template



Creating workers individually on the platform (recommended if you are just getting started on CTAIMACAE)

  • In the upper right corner you will find the icon By clicking here, you will access a screen on which you must enter the worker data.

Importing workers from other CTAIMA customers (recommended for advanced users)

Access using the icon 

In the upper right corner. You can select the workers who are registered with another customer and then click on OK. The workers will be created automatically.


Keep in mind that you will only create the workers; their documentation will not be associated with them.

Mass upload of workers using an Excel template (recommended for advanced users)

  • This can be done by clicking on the icon 
Remember that in all cases the required worker data are: Tax ID, Name, Surname(s) and Type of worker. You will also have to tick whether or not a photograph is available.


Once the workers have been created, you must complete two additional steps:


  1. Establish the roles  by clicking on the icon 
  2. Indicate the contract they are associated with by clicking on the icon 

Once you have registered the workers and have completed these two steps, you can attach the documentation. We explain how to do this in this article:


Attaching documentation in CTAIMACAE