Description of the document: the Social Security Contribution Liquidation Certificate (erstwhile TC1) is the document that records the payment of monthly Social Security contributions by the company.


This document is provided by the General Social Security Treasury. To accredit that the company is up-to-date on their tax obligations, the receipt for the payment must be attached that corresponds to the amount of the certificate.

The certificate and its proof of payment must be for the latest period available (two months before the current month).



In the case of freelance workers, the Social Security Good Standing Certificate must be attached in this section or indicate does not apply in the note field.


Validation criteria: the validation criteria for the Social Security Contribution Liquidation Certificate or TC1 are generally:


Checking of the liquidation period. This must be two months prior to the month in which the document is uploaded.


EXAMPLE: If it is the month of June, the document must be from the liquidation period corresponding to April.


Checking that the amounts indicated on the receipt and the proof of payment match.

Checking that the document represents the Ordinary General Liquidation (L00). 

Checking that the Tax ID of the company on the platform and that indicated on the TC1 match.

Sample document:

Main reasons for invalidation:


You have sent the document without the accrediting payment receipt.

You have attached the payment receipt, but it is incorrect or does not include the accrediting document.

The document attached does not correspond to the period in question.




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