Sample document:

Verification criteria:

In order to validate the certificate proving that you are current on Tax Agency payments, our technicians will carry out the following checks (using general criteria):


Make sure that the Tax ID matches that indicated on CTAIMACAE. Make sure that the certificate has no debts associated with it.

Check that the expiration date matches that on the platform.



IMPORTANT: Your customer might request your registered certificate. In this case, you need to request it from the AEAT (Spanish Tax Agency) on behalf of the company contracting you, not the client at whose facilities you will carry out the work.


Example: If you are subcontracted to perform the work, you must request the certificate on behalf of the main contractor company. If you are the main contractor, you must request it on behalf of

the hiring company. 


Reasons for invalidation:


Below we explain the most common reasons for invalidating a document and how to remedy them:


A registered certificate is requested, but a generic certificate is attached. You must reattach the requested certificate, in this case the registered certificate.

If you are a subcontractor, it is possible that the certificate is registered, but under the name of the principal company and not under the name of the company that has contracted you. Remember that you must attach the certificate under the name of the company that has contracted you.

The certificate has debts associated with it or has expired. You must attach an up-to-date certificate.



If for some reason the document does not meet the requested criteria, you can write a note explaining the reasons and the case will be studied. Please send it to 


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