You may have outsourced another company for the work you need to do at your customer’s facilities. This information must be reflected on the platform, so you will need to create the subcontractor and it must upload the requested documentation.



How to create an outsourcing



To register a subcontractor in the application, you must go to the Coordination module and then to the Client Information -> Contracts tab and check that you see the organizational chart icon enabled in purple.  

Once you enter the corresponding menu, you will see a "+" icon you can use to complete the requested information to create the desired company.

If the icon is not enabled, you can contact your contract manager on the Client Information -> Contracts tab. Click on the information button to obtain their data and then you can request the opening of the outsourcing.

Remember that if you work with freelance workers, they must be created as an outsourcing, just as if they were a company.



Consult all the help articles in the knowledge base.