Once you have attached all the documentation for the company, worker, vehicle and work teams, you must wait for your customer’s company to verify it. Remember that until they do, your company will not be ready to access the facilities.


If your customer’s company has contracted CTAIMA to carry out its document review, the review period is generally 24-48 hours. It is important for you to know that CTAIMA does not set the verification criteria; it is your customer’s company that establishes the criteria according to which CTAIMA can verify (or not) your documentation.


It is possible that, for whatever reason, you cannot wait for your documents to be reviewed within the established period and you wish to request urgent verification of the documentation.


In this case, CTAIMA offers you an urgent verification service in a maximum period of 30 minutes and according to the following schedule: Monday-Thursday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm and Friday 8:00 am - 2:00 pm.



Instructions to request urgent verification


 These are the steps to take to request urgent verifications for your customer (they will be completed within a maximum time of 30 minutes):


Step 1: make sure that the verification is performed by CTAIMA.

 Step 2: Purchase the express verifications.

Step 3: Request the express verification.



Step 1: Make sure that the verification is performed by CTAIMA.

  •  This icon will appear beside each document pending review  This means that the document is verified by CTAIMA and you can request express verification. Pay attention to the icon that is right beside the document that you want to be urgently verified.

Step 2: Purchase the express verifications.

  • If you have previously purchased verifications, and you have a credit balance, you can skip this step.
  • If you have never purchased express verifications or do not have a credit balance, you will be redirected to store.ctaima.com, where you can purchase a pack of 25 express verifications which will be automatically linked to the Tax ID registered during the purchasing process.

Step 3: Request the express verification.

  • If you have a balance and you have made sure that the document is verified by CTAIMA, you can request the verification using the icon . The icon will change to black once you have uploaded the documentation and are waiting for the express verification. Your documents will be verified within the next 30 minutes, at most.

Remember that the purchase must be associated with your company’s Tax ID and you can only use the verifications contracted for the revision of this Tax ID and not for other companies (subcontractors).


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